Thursday, February 27, 2014

Drugs - A Serious Misdirection

Watching the comedian John Stewart last night on Comedy Central cover the Mexican capture of 'El Chapo' - the leader of a large drug gang, I could not help but feel pity for Stewart's response.  He stated that the reason for the violence in Mexico was the Republican War on Drugs, the making of drugs illegal in the United States, that created a market for violence in Mexico. However, the other side of that equation, that the media, including John Stewart, has glorified and tacitly supported the purchase and consumption of those drugs in the United States, he pointedly ignored. Much as a woman who aborts a late-term child with a clotheshanger never wants to relive or discuss that event, many of these mainstream media do not want to bring to the fore their participation in the increase in purchasing of the drugs by Americans from the violent gangs.  They put on a smarmy grin, wink and act 'cool' around people like Philip Seymour Hoffman, while they are taking (and buying from the illegal cartels) their heroin - but when the cartel's pile of bodies line up, or the heroin addict overdoses - they point the finger at the War on Drugs - not admitting their own complicity.

How is this for a banner next to a highway: